Who We Are


Who We Are


Whether you want to lose 100 pounds or improve muscle performance, Full Cirlce Training has the tools and the expertise you need to accomplish your goals. Full Circle Training offers a comprehensive form of training that develops athletes. Our trainers do not stop there. They guide each participant through a results based fitness and wellness program. We guarantee the maximum return on your investment. All Full Circle Training experiences emphasize strength techniques, speed, agility, flexibility, form plyometrics, resistance training, and speed training.


How We Work

Full Circle Training provides a universal strength and conditioning program that meets the needs of the young and old. Participants quickly realize that the only limit to a persons desired physical appearance, is their ability to commit to the hard work they will face. When clients bring their heart and desire, Full Circle provides the results. Clients’ results become Full Circle’s billboard to the world.

Full Circle trainers are strong motivators and mentors. They have worked with kids and adults in the past to help them realize what they can accomplish with a healthy lifestyle, a strong mind and a strong body. Invite us to your organization, team, or church.


A Way of Life

Getting in shape and working out is all about options, and today there are dozens of choices when it comes to exercise and fitness. Infomercials for P90X, INSANITY and Zumba flood your television, while Beachbody and the DailyBurn are instantly available online.

Traditional gyms with rows of treadmills and elliptical machines will always be classic, while new concepts like CrossFit and team fitness classes continue to pop up in cities and towns across the country. With all of these options, there’s really no excuse for not working out. It’s about finding what exercise concept will work best for you.

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